Your IT investment relies completely on your network and communications infrastructure.
If your IT infrastructure is not well suited for your business, you are on risk of affecting directly your investment, and to fail on reaching the expected performance of the tools you have acquired.

Your company must use technology to get leverage, and become more productive.

If your main goals are: Increase productivity, reduce costs, improve your operation performance, expand your services portfolio, or even expand your business, you need to get a secure, reliable and high-performance communications infrastructure.

Net Diagnosis & Data Flows Analysis

We analyze in detail all about your communications infrastructure. We will keep records of design and operation, in order to make a reliable diagnostic, integrate functionalities and make more efficient the information deployment in your company.

We will use —among different tools—, powerful Net Analyzers, to make a breeze the report generation, and to complement the infrastructure analysis on:

  • Opportunity improvement areas & design proposals that may increase development, accessibility, and easen infrastructure management
  • Top apps & historical data
  • Operative Risks Identification & improvement areas
  • Infrastructure capabilities analysis & documentation
  • Visualization & control

Virtual Engineering Service 

Get focus in what really adds value to your company, by avoiding spending time on unexpected issues, with the help of our Certified Consultancy Team, who will manage your communications infrastructure and solve with accuracy every configuration incident you may have.
We specialize on management and incident solutions in:

  • Routing & switching
  • Wireless Solutions
  • Unified Communications & Contact Centers
  • Perimetral security

Vision Center and Operative Infrastructure Control 

Take a look on real time to your company’s Net Infrastructure Health, and of any and every device that gets connected. You will be able to know the historical status and average performance, as well as the current performance, in order to respond with accuracy to all identified threats.

Our Sinaptic Monitoring Center will easen the management of your technological assets; you will be able to obtain a full view on infrastructure and you will get all the information needed in order to make core decisions, based on:

  • Total monitoring of net hardware connected components
  • Monthly health reports & communications infrastructure usage
  • Continuous validation of critical applications functioning
  • Incident Response Time Reduction
  • Proactive Risks identification that may affect your business operation


Cisco Unified Communications

Good communication allows company efficiency, organization and coordination. Cisco Collaboration Solutions and Contact Center facilitates all physical and remote hardware work integration. Our Sinaptic Consultancy Team designs and implements all modules and solutions that integrates unified communications:

  • Unified Communication Manager, Unity & Communications Gateways
  • Cisco Presence & Jabber
  • Cisco Expressway
  • Cisco Contact Center & Finesse
  • Cisco Media Converge Servers (MCS)

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