It is essential to guarantee your organization mobility. Nowadays you can integrate a great amount of devices to a wireless net. 

This will increase your team agility, its market competitivity and your business dynamism. Your company cannot evolve without these assets.  

If your company is looking for mobile efficiency, a dynamic operation and technological integration, it is essential to have a robust WiFi network, with optimal performance and always available.

WiFi Network Design & implementation 

We design the best solution for your workspace with total and functional coverage.

We have world-class leading tools to implement and guarantee that every device you integrate to your wireless network performs fast and seamless. 

  • Infrastructure Analysis for your wireless network service areas 
  • WiFi Networks Service Simulation by Access Point particular brand & model, that verifies coverage, redundancy, performance an alike tests.
  • Workplaces scanning with antennas, and tools that allows to find out, with accuracy, the design and data transference settings in real-time through Access Points direct connectors. 
  • Certified Consultancy Services for Wireless Network Infrastructure Implementation, management and optimization, based on manufacturers standards and design guide.

Coverage Spectrum Analysis and WiFi Performance 

If your Wireless Network Infrastructure does not work in as your expected,
 —because it is slow, non reliable, or insecure—,  it is required to get a full spectrum noise, coverage and performance analysis.

We can identify external factors affecting your wireless infrastructure. Before you replace your components, you may Integrate our First-Level Survey, in order to know in detail which is the current situation of your whole infrastructure, and identify the precise failing component. 

  • We full-scan the whole system to analyze the WiFi network in 2.4 and 5.0 GHz.
  • We identify jamm and noise sources in order to improve data transference and avoiding constant disconnection. 
  • We document channel usage and power according to greater consumption timelapses. 

Monitoring & Performance

With our tools, you will be able to get the whole picture in real time, about what is happening with your Wireless Network, to compare its performance, and deploy Audit Accomplishment Reports or to Verify Service Availability. 

If you integrate Continuous Improvement Preventive Actions Standards, you will have a global vision to take your company’s Wireless Network to the next level. 



  • We capture real-time packages, to analyze and provide solutions in the most efficient way 
  • We detect WiFi performance and Network Security issues in real time. 
  • We generate Statistics and Detailed Reports specific elements or interest, that ensues wireless solutions optimal performance. 
  • Our Package Analysis guarantees that connectivity operates in optimal condition through the 802.11ac Standard. 

Protection & Shield 

Nowadays, cybersecurity is fundamental in every organization. Information is one of the most important assets your enterprise can have. Moreover, wireless network is an important vulnerable area you should strength.

With Protection & Shield services you will know your WiFi infrastructure current situation, and get to know how vulnerable it can be. You can detect threats and identify risks.  

We incorporate Pen-test and Attack Simulation Analysis in your wireless network in order to find weakness that can be affected by third parties.  


  • Our Red Team consultants commits to understand the organization context, and then, to  simulate special-attacks directed to your wireless network infrastructure
  • We challenge and obtain a diagnostic of your wireless network’ weakest point, and identify opportunity areas
  • We are able to identify prior risky implementations that can jeopardize your business
  • We apply our offensive experience to integrate your wireless technologies in an adequate and secure environment


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